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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

Step inside the Wonder Woman Experience at The AT&T Discovery District. The District is full of Wonder Woman history, trivia games, props, statues and costumes from the movie. You can even put your superhero skills to the test at the AT&T Experience Store.


Experience The Movie

Wonder Woman 1984 Comes To Life In The Discovery District

AT&T Discovery District has worked closely with Warner Bros to bring the Wonder Woman 1984 storyline throughout the District.

    • Golden Wings
    • WW84 Logo
    • Experience Store
    • Showcase/Art Gallery
    • Immersive Lobby
    • Wonder Plaza
    • Media Wall

Wonder Woman’s Golden Wings

Create your own Instagram moment with the iconic golden Wonder Woman wings seen in WW84. The 15ft wings are a unique statue only available in the AT&T Discovery District. The backdrop is official WW84 artwork designed by Dallas based artist Magdiel.

Wingspan 6ft wide


WW84 at the AT&T Experience Store

Wonder Woman comes to life at the AT&T Experience Store in The District. Step inside the world of Wonder Woman with augment reality, 5G activation, trivia, set props, replicas and Woman History.


The AT&T Lobby

Surround yourself with Wonder Woman art from the DC vaults. The AT&T lobby showcases unreleased art in an immersive experience complete with special audio.


WW84 In The Plaza

World-class design with cutting-edge architectural multimedia elements bring Wonder Woman 1984 to life in The District. The iconic AT&T Discovery District Globe, as well as the trellis and all lighting and sound throughout the district is customized to the Wonder Woman 1984.


WW84 on The Media Wall

Wonder Woman takes over the 9-story media wall with WW84 and comic book art. Watch the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer on this massive screen with full spacial audio!

Virtual Reality 360° Wonder Woman 1984 Experience at The AT&T Discovery District

Explore The District’s WW84 Experience in Virtual Reality

Enter the Wonder Woman 1984 experience at the AT&T Discovery District in virtual reality! View the experience with a VR headset such as an Oculus in the YouTube VR app or on your computer or smart phone via standard YouTube with 360 video features.

In your VR headset, you need to find and download the YouTube VR app. Then you can search for the title of this video “ww84attdd”.

Ways You Can Watch

  1. VR headset (YouTube VR)
  2. YouTube Desktop (you can use the mouse to drag the view around)
  3. YouTube App (move the phone around as if you had a VR headset on)

Explore in 360

WW84 VR in The District

DC LOGO, WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements ™ & © DC and WBEI

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