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Background image for Hightower: Home for the Holidays

Hightower: Home for the Holidays

Hightower is the brainchild of lead singer Lindsay Hightower, she wants her music to tell stories in the most truthful genuine way that she can.

I want to feel connected with people through writing. It has its challenges just like I assume every career has.

We write our own music and cover many of our favorite artists. I think one thing that sets us apart is while we do cover other artists, we try to present it in an original way. Also, the harmonies because most of the band sings. I’m proud of the band I have. They make me better in every way. I’ve always been taught to surround yourself with people that are smarter and more talented than yourself and I believe that’s what I’ve done.


Live Music!

Hightower: Home for the Holidays

Dec 9 at 7pm

Location: Jaxon

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