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Frenchie's Blues Destoryers

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Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers is a gritty Rock ‘n’ Roll band steeped in the tradition of old American Blues as well as all the greats that sprung out of the genre in the sixties (i.e. British Blues Boom and it’s American counterparts of the era). Several years ago Frenchie and Brother Pete, crossed paths in Texas while playing in different bands. Frenchie & Brother Pete joined forces to develop a unique musical and personal bond (a Richards/Watts – like chemistry) while touring extensively. Frenchie’s writing draws heavily from the influences of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues music on which his father had raised him. Frenchie’s Blues Destroyers was born out of desire and passion, and a true DIY attitude. It is a no nonsense, no-frills band that bears its teeth with more of a sly grin than a grimace.


Frenchie's Blues Destoryers

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