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2024 Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Solar Eclipse

Join us at the AT&T Discovery District, your gateway to the cosmos, for an out-of-this-world experience! We’re thrilled to host a 2024 Solar Eclipse Watch Party, an event that promises to be as exciting as it is educational.

The first 4,000 guests will receive complimentary, high-quality solar viewing glasses, essential for safely watching the eclipse. But the spectacle isn’t just in the sky; we’re bringing the universe down to earth with a panel discussion featuring distinguished speakers from NASA. They’ll guide us through the science of the eclipse, making the experience both fascinating and enlightening.

And, while your eyes feast on the skies, let your taste buds explore the universe with our special eclipse-themed food and drinks. The Exchange Hall and Cowboy Chow will be serving an array of cosmic cuisine that’s as tantalizing as the spectacle unfolding above.

So, grab your friends, family, and fellow space enthusiasts, and head to the AT&T Discovery District for the 2024 Solar Eclipse Watch Party. Let’s marvel together at the wonders of the universe, right here in the heart of the city!

Please note: Safety is our top priority. We encourage all attendees to wear eclipse viewing glasses when observing the solar eclipse to protect your eyes from potential damage.

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2024 Solar Eclipse Watch Party

Location: AT&T Discovery District

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