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Night Voyager

As midnight in the AT&T Discovery District, embark on a stunning 7-hour journey into interstellar space and back, and experience the solar system as never seen before. Leveraging the incredible detail of our solar system only visible through the lens of a radio telescope, take in familiar planets and moons, but also see invisible radiation, magnetic fields, and solar winds not visible to the naked eye.

Created in collaboration with an astrophysicist advisor from Cambridge, and using NASA 3D maps to precisely chart the stars within our solar system and place all the planets and their moons, Night Voyager is a stunning display of science as art. Every part of the journey strives to be scientifically accurate and in its proper place within the cosmos.

Using a real-time gaming engine, Night Voyager changes nightly to track the positions of the stars and planets as they move in their orbits! Enjoy this unique perspective and nightly adventure. There’s nothing else like it in the world!


The soundtrack may sound otherworldly, but it’s based on real sound recordings by NASA, which capture the unique sonic signatures emitted from each planet in our solar system. Did you know each planet creates a unique sound?

Detailed 3D NASA models of our moon’s surface were used to accurately depict every crater with precise size and placement, as well as accurately position the Apollo lunar lander on its surface.

Satellites and space probes are equally accurate. Pulling away from near-earth orbit, you’ll see Telstar, the first communication satellite, created by AT&T’s Bell Labs in 1962. Telstar still orbits the earth today! Keep on the lookout for more space probes and satellites throughout the journey. At the mid-point of the voyage, we enter interstellar space, passing by the Voyager space probe, before starting the nightly return journey back to Earth.

At any point, glance around the corner of the screen to see an artful infographic of the sun and all the planets in our solar system, each planet placed in relative order and size.


Created By: Moment Factory
Sound Design: Moment Factory

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