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Living Neighborhood

What if cities of the future were filled with living, breathing buildings powered by wind and solar energy? Inspired by AT&T’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, this piece brings a new kind of urban landscape to life in the heart of AT&T’s Dallas global headquarters.


Created using a real-time gaming engine, Living Neighborhood dynamically changes its appearance based on the time of day, month, and even the weather. Virtual wind turbines speed up or slow down based on real wind data in the District plaza. The virtual tree and flowering plants are all indigenous to Texas and change with each season, budding when it’s Spring, leafing out in Summer, and displaying Fall colors in Autumn. Because everything is dynamically generated and based on actual data, what you see each day is slightly different from the last.

Did you know that AT&T’s Dallas global headquarters is run entirely on renewable wind energy?


Created By: Moment Factory

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