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Golden Boy

A contemporary personification of AT&T’s iconic symbol: Spirit of Communication, comes to life for the 21st century. Watch as the statue affectionately known as “Golden Boy” transforms from iconic gold to black ink, then to Morse code, radio waves, digital binary code, circuits, A.I., and finally quantum light – representing the entire evolution of modern communication.


Golden Boy has been with AT&T since the beginning, as a proud symbol of the global headquarters. Commissioned in 1914 and designed by Evelyn Beatrice Longman, the statue was installed atop AT&T’s former skyscraper headquarters in Manhattan. From AT&T’s old 195 Broadway address, he overlooked the Hudson and the Statue of Liberty for sixty-four years. In 1992, after nine years with AT&T in midtown Manhattan, he traveled to New Jersey before finally settling in his current home – the AT&T Discovery District.


Created By: Moment Factory

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