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Digital Double

Mankind’s creativity has moved forward with technology, evolving constantly to meet its powerful new potential. See the transformative process at play, as our dancer begins with a moment of self-expression, then meets and clashes with his “digital self.” Only after learning to work with, and harness, the powers of their combined abilities do the dancer and his digital double become capable of more than is humanly possible.


This 5-minute signature show harnesses all the digital platforms of the AT&T Discovery District to create an immersive performance. Look across the plaza to see the dynamic choreography unfold above, below, and all around you.

As the piece comes to a close, the dancer releases the glowing orb into the audience, passing on his new-found power. With technology at your fingertips, what will you create?


Created By: Moment Factory
Sound Design: Moment Factory + Troublemakers

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