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Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

The whole universe was in a hot, dense state, then Comic Center of Pasadena came to Dallas… WAIT!

Featuring trivia games about the show, comics, action figures, the cash register and gum ball machine, various articles of Sheldon’s closet, and even cast-signed authentic memorabilia, fans kicked back and let their inner comic book nerd shine through… and remember, it all started with a big bang!

Comic Center


The AT&T Discovery District partnered with Warner Bros. Television to bring the Big Bang Theory’s beloved Comic Center of Pasadena to Texas for fans of the show to have an experience that went off with a big bang.

    • The Installation
    • Stickers
    • Comic Books
    • The Action Figures
    • Cash Register
    • Wide View

The Comic Center of Pasadena

The set up of the Comic Center of Pasadena in the AT&T Experience Store


Shoplifters Will Be Vaporized

It’s all in the details


Your Favorite Superheroes


Toys Are For Everyone


The Iconic Machine

Straight from the show and into the AT&T Experience Store!


Wideview Showcasing the Set Up

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