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Justin Cashion & Daniel Zapata

music at jaxon

Come enjoy music from Justin Cashion and Daniel Zapata this Friday, October 22 at Jaxon from 6-10pm

Justin Cashion: Rock & Roll with a “Paranoid Narrative”

Daniel Zapata: By the time I was 17 I had developed my skills in playing guitar, and the romantic episodes of life made me also want to express these experiences through songwriting. I had songs that many of my friends would sing when we got together for parties and eventually one of my best friends insisted I should record the songs into an album.

…let me tell you I did not know what I was getting myself into…

The first step was finding someone with the expertise and knowledge to make a good sounding record, or better known as a Producer, and let me tell you the first tip in the industry is work with budgets, deadlines and someone with expertise who has had a hit song, or else you may be spending the time energy and money on the wrong producer for your music.

After many stumbles, failed recordings and time spent learning about record making I eventually came across a producer that could deliver the music how I wanted it to sound. By this time I was 20 years old

The process of my recording was also touched by tragedy, my best friend and sister who I loved died at age 20 in an unfortunate Car accident, this broke my family apart and I was forced to see my parents sadness and a drastic life change, music was my consolation and became a pathway to communicating my feelings.



at Jaxon

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