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Cafecito & Cartoons

Cafecito & Cartoons

AT&T Discovery District will be playing cartoons on the Media Wall this Saturday, September 25, from 10-11am. Make sure to stop by Rise+Thyme to grab a coffee. Pair your drink with the Cereal Waffle from Press Waffle Co. located in The Exchange.

Free cold brews and aprons will be available at the AT&T Experience Studio.

This Saturday’s lineup includes:

Jellystone – Yogi’s Tummy Trouble
Jellystone – Gorilla in our Midst
Teen Titans Go! – T is for Titans
Porky and Daffy – Mount Everest
Sylvester & Tweety
Coyote and Roadrunner –
Fast & Speedy
Victor & Valentino –
The Lonely Haunts Club
Total Dramarama

Kids & Family

Saturday Morning Cartoons

on the lawn in The District

Location: AT&T Discovery District

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