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Hard Shake

Sip Elegance

Elegance and sophistication gracefully dance within Hard Shake, inviting its guests to escape from chaos to enjoy a perfectly crafted cocktail in an equally enchanting environment. The nod to vintage art deco with a modern, elevated twist creates a time capsule, feeling as though one is sipping their cocktail in an old movie film scene.


With 19 years of service experience in the DFW area, Alex Fletcher has run and designed some of Dallas’s most well-known beverage programs. From Irish pubs and New Orleans-style dive bars to speakeasy and cocktail lounges. After opening The People’s Last Stand in 2012, he quickly was promoted to General Manager, where he learned to build a business from scratch—helping to drive the craft cocktail movement in DFW and change the drinking culture as a whole. After three years with People’s, Alex was asked to head up the cocktail program at a well-renowned cocktail den called Victor Tangos. There he was able to concentrate on fast-paced, high-quality, interesting cocktails and refine his craft, and leading an amazing team. After Victor Tangos, Alex was approached to build a brand new program bar from scratch, Henry’s Majestic. After the opening and success of Henry’s Majestic, Alex designed one of Dallas’s most unique cocktail experiences, a tiny 900 sq ft cocktail den in the back of an alley, Atwater Alley, which quickly became a drinking destination in Dallas. From there, Alex was promoted to Beverage Director of the Dog and Pony Show including, Bread Winners Café’s, Atwater Alley, The Quarter Bar Dallas, The Quarter Bar Trophy Club, Harlowe MXM, Trick Pony, and Shaken and Stirred Services. Four of these concepts he helped design and concept from scratch.

After five years with the Dog and Pony Show group, he was invited to work on an amazing game-changing concept with Hospitality Alliance to help design and run the beverage portion of the new downtown discovery district. This includes six beverage outlets and 55,000 square feet of food and beverage operations.


Sun - Tues: Closed

Wed - Sat: 4pm — 12am

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