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Music for your listening or dancing pleasure is the objective of the group known as the Justin Russell Band. Whether you enjoy the old-time classics of 70’s through 90’s country, or the newer Texas country sound, the Justin Russell Band has you covered. This Dallas, Texas based group possess a broad repertoire of music that gets folks on their feet dancing.
A good band is made up of talented and dedicated personalities and the Justin Russell Band is no exception. Handling the lead singing, front work and acoustic guitar is Justin Russell. Justin hails from Slaton, Texas and started his music career nineteen years ago in Lubbock, Texas. Since then he has worked in bands of all kinds, performing frequently on stages all across Texas. Justin also writes his own songs, with many of his tunes on platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and YouTube.
Laying down the beat is a Rio Hondo, Texas native named Alejandro Gonzalez. Alejandro or “Hondo” as his friends call him, started playing drums years ago around his hometown, later moving to Dallas, Texas to pursue a musical career. Hondo has worked in groups performing all kinds of music ranging from blues, hard rock and country. Hondo holds the rhythm section together with a professional touch, he is a drummer you will not want to miss.
Aaron Dufrene hails from Picayune, Mississippi and nails the low-end thunder for the group. While originally a guitarist, Aaron soon realized his talents were better suited for country bass. He assumed the role of playing bass guitar for the group in 2020. His talented instrumental contribution rounds out the band and completes the country music sound.
Finally, you have Lanny Guest. Lanny is from Garland, Texas and for years has played fiddle and mandolin for legendary Texas Country groups. When Lanny joins the boys on stage it becomes five-piece honky-tonk magic.
Put them all together and you have the Justin Russell Band, a high class, Texas Country sound. It is a distinct pleasure to dance to their tempo, listen to their music, and watch them perform


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