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Jeremy Phifer

local talent

Jeremy Phifer At 6’3” with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes, Jeremy Phifer is a commanding presence, even off-stage. But when he stands in the spotlight, Phifer becomes even more compelling. A monster guitar player with massive vocal chops, this high-energy entertainer is not just another tall Texan with a duffel bag full of dreams. This is talent – on fire. “I’ve always really considered myself just a picker,” notes Jeremy. But his emotive voice is every bit as attention-grabbing as his electrifying guitar leads. The fifth-generation musician has definitely walked a long, hard road to get to where he is now – and the challenges of the journey are reflected in the passionate nuances he brings to his music.


live music

featuring Jeremy Phifer

Jun 24 at 6pm

Location: Jaxon

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